Decoration in Ottoman Art

The discouragement of representative art by Islam led on the one hand to the development of calligraphy, and on the other to graphic forms of expression derived from ancient roots applied to all areas of creative expression.

Decoration of kinds was known as nakis, and applied to every area from architecture to the minor arts, from books to tiles, and fabrics to weapons.

Ottoman Minor Arts

Keys to a vernacular culture OTTOMAN MINOR ARTS If you wish to delve deeply into the vernacular culture of a society or civilisation, you must look not only at its architecture, liteature and music, but at its minor arts. You must observe closely the details, colors and forms of the door leading into a house, […]

Calligraphy in Ottoman Arts

Mysterious power of the pen OTTOMAN CALLIGRAPHY Since Islam frowned upon representation in painting and sculpture , artistic creativity turned to other plastic forms of visual expression. Writing is the oldest of these forms, and the most profound and esoteric. Writing is the most abstract manifestation of language, giving material form to concepts, knowledge, ideas, […]

The Sema Ritual

Sema or whirling is part of the inspiration of Mevlana M. Celaleddin-i Rumi, famous mystic thinker and turkish human poet of 13 th century He invite us to unity,to toleration, to God love, the God of all of us and to manldnd love whithout discrimination of religions, races and social classes… When we examine Seinft […]

The Pomegranate as a Symbol

Almost all the great religions of the world have sanctified the pomegranate and ascribed manifold meanings to it. The mythology of ancient Greece regarded this fruit as the symbol of life, marnage and rebirth in the abduction story of Persephone by Hades, the god of the underworld. The pomegranate fruit is assumed to have originated […]

About Turkish Arts

Although our website offers “Turkish art and antiques”, these terms are our modern (and somewhat generalized) way of referring to art forms that can be separately identified, or broken down into more specific groupings. These groupings are not just the most obvious ones, such as the categories we have chosen to display on our main […]