94 x 65cm


  1. David

    What is the price please?

  2. Anne

    Dear Kasif Gündoğdu,

    I am a dear friend of Nestor Santa Cruz, I am interested in knowing more about several of the pieces on your website. Through him, I was able to purchase a most beautiful tile. I had the privilege of visiting Istanbul several ears ago and look forward to visiting your most historical and interesting city again.

    I am interested in knowing more about this painting, the price, and several of those that seem to be painted by the same artist, including the prices.

    With kind regards,

    Anne Normann

    P.S. I have been enjoying watching Turkish TV series, “Kurt Seyit and Sura” and “The Magnificent Century” abut the Sultan Suleiman the magnificent on Netflix. I cannot wait to visit Istanbul again.

    • admin

      dear madam
      unfortunately this painting is sold
      but we will be sending an email, with the same artists remaining paintings…


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Sorry, this item is sold out.